Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankfulness ; The Countdown to Thanksgiving Day 22

It looks like sickness has hit our house again. Caden went to bed and woke up with a fever......again. And Madison came home with a fever. We just can't seem to shake this sickness around here. The crazy thing is that they are still on antibiotics. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving which means we will stay up all night cooking! I am sooo looking forward to it. I love to cook and we are going to have so much fun having a huge sleepover with my sister in law and all of the kids! I know the kids are looking forward to everyone staying over too, we got together some crafts and stuff for them to do while we cook.

But today I am thankful for facebook. I know it's crazy, but facebook does some really great things. For example, a friend posted about a family in need. So I reposted to see if anyone had any clothes or food to donate to the family and the response was overwhelming. I had people dropping off huge bags of clothes and toys, and my church made up a big box of food. It was amazing. And without the resource of facebook that wouldn't have happened. :) So a special thanks to everyone who gathered things for the family, I think it was really great and I am sure they appreciated it all.


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