Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Birthday & A Graduation

Four years ago today I gave birth to my sweet blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl. I have watched her grow into a super sassy, crazy haired four year old. Alanna has always played up the "baby" role of the family. She decided she didn't want to walk until she was 16 mths old....I mean would you if you had a big brother and sister to do everything for you? She also has daddy wrapped around her finger (Don't try to deny it, Leo.) But she is a beautiful energetic little lady ....and I use that term loosely since she always has her dress pulled up over her head. She loves all things pink, frilly, and princess, but equally will get down in the dirt and be covered in mud in an instant. God has surely blessed me with my little monster and I feel so lucky that He chose me to be her mommy.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! Mommy and daddy loves you so much and we are so thankful to have such an amazing little girl.

My silly Birthday Girl

As well as celebrating Miss Alanna's birthday, we celebrated Caden graduating Kindergarten! Can you believe my little man is going to be a first grader?! 

Hey time, can you please slow down?

They had a little program today, which was ridiculously adorable. So of course I will share one whenever youtube lets me but until then here are some pics.

Caden with his teacher Ms. Hoffman

Caden with his good friend Alyssa