Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat Wave & Summer Fun

I'm so happy it's Friday, what I am not happy about is this heat! Holy Moly, it is sooooo hot out! And That's an understatement. I love summer time. I don't usually mind the heat, but these 110* days are just too much! I'm looking forward to some rain, hopefully it will cool it down a bit. On another note, the first week of camp went well, despite the gas leak scare on Tuesday, which forced us to sit outside for almost 2 hours in the crazy heat wave. But other then that, the kids are great, the show is going well (we already have a lot done in just this first week) and everyone is having a blast. Yes I just said blast....I'm getting old. whomp whomp.

Anyway, I decided to have some fun with the kids and make neon colored rice.  I got the idea from Happy Homemaker Me. It was super easy to make and the kids love it. I made enough to fill a box and a Gatorade bottle for my 1 yr old niece to play with, although Alanna loved it ...she even tried to sleep with it. And knowing her I'd wake up in the morning to colored rice everywhere! So I thought it best to put it up when she's not supervised. I used the rest to fill a container and I set her down with bowls and scoops and she played for over an hour.

First I took a cup of dried rice and added just enough water to cover the rice then added about 10 drops of neon food coloring. I let it sit for about 5 mins.

Then I laid out 2 paper towels on a cookie sheet and laid out the rice to dry.

I then used an empty Gatorade bottle and mixed a half cup of each color (and threw in some glitter just because glitter makes everything better)  and Voila! A very cool sensory bottle.

Then I just threw it all together in a plastic dollar store bin and gave her some containers and she was happy and content.

Annnnd slightly crazy!

I tried the shaving cream with Maddie and Caden and of course they loved it.

We had some freezy pops to end the night

Please don't mind that he doesn't match...he insisted on wearing that outfit.

And one more of Caden because he's so weird haha


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