Monday, August 30, 2010

It has been a crazy couple of days. Yesterday we had our church picnic and afterwards we went to my parents to swim. We had a few friends over and we had some crabs. At some point Caden decided he wanted to try and swim and went under and injested some water but he seemed fine after a few minutes. Well after we got home, the kids went to bed and he started coughing and wheezing, so I gave him his inhaler but he continued so we ended up in the emergancy room. I was scared because I have read about "dry drowning" and with his asthma I was concerned and I always say better safe then sorry. After 5 1/2 hours of sitting at the hospital we were finally able to come home. It turned out that he was fine and the inhaler opened up his lungs enough to treat him. Thank the Lord. I was really worried. He looked so bad and he couldn't talk or breathe. My mom came up to the hospital with us so I wasn't alone and Leo stayed home with the kids. It was an eventful night. I didn't get into bed until almost 6, so I have been running on E all day. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who got up with the kids this morning.

Tomorrow is Madison's first day of Kindergarden! She is so excited but it's really only the orientation with parents. Then Wednesday and Thursday is a half day and Friday is her first full day! They do a graduale entrance because its such an adjustment! I'm looking forward to it. Caden starts 2 days a week next week. He will go Tuesdays and Fridays from 12-2:30. He is ready to go, he cried when I told him tomorrow wasn't his first day too. I guess this means I'm going to have to start getting to bed early to get Maddie off to school. blah!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More For The Duggars

I just read somewhere that even though their last pregnancy almost ended in tragedy, The Duggers are moving forward and wanting more children! ?! Really?! I can not imagine after everything they just went through with their last baby, even considering a 20th child. Not to mention it would be their 20th child! The woman is 43 with a grandchild. Give your uterus a rest for goodness sake! Why not focus your energy (what little you have left) on the remaining 18 that live at home right now, instead of having your older children raising the little ones. Personally I just don't see how it is fair to take their childhood away and give them the responsibility of another human life at 12 or 13. Not to mention, I feel that there is no way that she can give those children the attention that the deserve.

Now in some cases things happen, for example Jon & Kate.....they did not ask for 8 children, but it worked out that way. And Leo is part of a big family, which is wonderful. And I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with big families. I would love another child....if I were able to have one. What I am saying is , it is almost like they are having all of these children just for publicity and shock value. Don't get me wrong, I do think that they manage their home very well and from what is shown on TV, all of their children are very well behaved and respectful, but when is it enough. I would think almost loosing your life as well as your baby's life would be enough to not take anymore chances. But that's just my opinion. Three keeps me incredibly busy and crazy....I can't imagine 19!
Yesterday the kids and I took a nice long walk with Molly because it was beautiful outside. The only problem is about 5 mins into the walk the whining started...go figure. It's just one more piece of evidence that my kids are not getting nearly enough exercise. We made it through the walk by singing songs, playing Dora and I spy. They loved it! Not to mention they were angels for the rest of the night...with the exception of Alanna who I like to call "fingers." She is in to everything! I think she is going to give Madison a run for her money. Maddie was my terrible two's child, every time I turned around she was into something. Alanna is so much like her in some ways but she has these puppy dog eyes that she gives you when you tell her "No!" It's the cutest thing but man do I think we're in trouble! I think I'm going to take the kids to the park tomorrow and finish reading Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets. This way everybody wins! The kids get exercise, and I get tired kids and to finish the book!

Alanna's Puppy Dog Face!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Molly The Disobedient Puppy

We had our first obediennce class for Molly yesterday. Of course she was the worst puppy there. *insert eye roll* She barked the entire first half of the class! She did well with learning the comands though, and she was one tired puppy yesterday. Which was GREAT! I just wish she would stop chewing up my whole house and destroying things. One thing at a time I guess.

I finished the kids school shopping this weekend! One more week until they start back! Madison goes a full day now and Caden is starting a pre-school program 2 days a week! It's wonderful! I will finally be able to get back into the gym.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ravens Win!

We had a few people over tonight for the preseason game, Ravens vs. Redskins.I bought Alanna this adorable Raven's jersey last night and pom poms for her hair, and of course she threw a fit about me putting them in,but she looked so cute it was worth it.

Leo & I went shopping today, of course I have this new obsession with Zebra print for the girls and I got Alanna this absolutly adorable outfit. I can't wait for her to wear it. I'm gonna make some hairbows to match. We also bought the kids a few new school outfits. This is my favorite time of the year!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The kids and I met up with my cousin Laura and her son today to go to the park. We packed a lunch and let the kids play but it was so hot we had to leave. Laura told me about this place called Storyville at the library, it's set up like a town and it is so cool. It has a baby garden for infants and crawlers, a toddler area set up like an island, with a light house and everything. They have a play post office, grocery store, theatre, house and construction zone. The kids had a blast! The house was 2 stories...I wish they had cool stuff like this when I was a kid. The best part was, it's free! I want to take Alanna tomorrow to play since I just took the big kids today.

Caden's hanging out in the "living room"
Maddie playing in the kitchen

Maddie the ticket taker
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Countdown Begins....

I finally got things done today. Yesterday was lame, I sat around all day because it was raining. I actually got up and went to run errands and took a run with Molly. I enjoy that 45 mins of me time (even if it's with the puppy.) It feels good to be exercising again. Since school let out and I was working at the camp, I just wasn't able to fit it in. I hate that Leo is on night shift but on the flip side, I like that I can run errands or walk the dog during the day and not have to drag all of the kids out.

On another note...there is only 24 days until our first wedding anniversary! I'm excited! We are leaving to drive to Fl. Saturday morning, so we can set out on our cruise to the Bahama's on Sunday. A whole week alone with just the 2 of us. It will be complete bliss! Of course Leo is upset to be missing the first Monday Night Football game...which just happens to be the Raven's game. I have a feeling he will be trying to find it on one of the tv's on the ship, so I will have to find something to entertain myself for those few hours. Oh well. I'm not really sure what to expect but I can't wait! One of the wonderful momma's on made me this gorgeous siggy for my anniversary :

I'm pretty sure my kids woke up extra early and ate 3 lbs of sugar. Yesterday I mopped the floor because the dog got into the fish food and somehow it all ended up stuck to my floor. So this morning Caden, goofing off at breakfast dumps his entire cup of juice on the floor. So once again I had to mop. The at dinner he knocked Madison's entire cup of juice on the again ,I had to mop. It seems like my life consists of screaming and arguing children and mopping the kitchen floor. But I couldn't imagine it any other way...although I really would prefer less mopping if possible. I just don't see that happening in the near future.

The Real Reason I Let My Kids Watch Tv....This Blogger Read My Mind

Every mom should read this article!

The REAL Reason I Let My Kids Watch T.V.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Those Kind of Days

Today has been one of those days. Of course nothing got done today. I planned to go to the bank, go to the store, take the kids to the library and go for a run with the dog. None of which did I do. I woke up and it was raining and then there went all of my ambition for the day. The kids, of course drove me crazy today being all cooped up inside. And the dog just topped it off because she was getting into everything. So I did what all good moms would do...put them to bed early! Now I'm sitting here eating left over pizza and watching bad Lifetime movies. I can't wait until September when all of my shows start back up.

Here are a couple of pics of the kids today being silly:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Schriefer Style

Why does it always seem like you need a vacation after you come back from vacation? We decided to take the kids to the beach this past weekend and I feel more exhausted now that we are back! It seems like that's always the case. The kids are all rowdy and off schedule, it seems like it's going to take forever to get them back on track!

We took the weekend and went to my brothers house in Rehobeth Beach. The kids had a blast at the beach. It was much better then last year when we went. They hated every part of the beach but this year they were all about it, even Alanna loved it! I was so proud of Caden, he actually got in the water. Amy came along with us as an extra hand and it was nice to have the help with the kids. She even kept them Sunday evening so Leo and I could go on a date.
We went to this beautiful upscale Japeneese restaurant. Of course it was way over priced but the food was great and it was beautiful. We sat outdoors on the deck under these cabanas, that sat right on a pond. It was gorgeous. They were lit and there were fish swimming under us. After dinner we went to the boardwalk, walked the beach and played games in the arcade. I felt like a teen again. It was some much needed alone time!
Caden & Daddy in the water

Miss Alanna

My Love

Amy & I

Riding the rides at Playland

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Baby wearing <3

I love this pic

My brother and all of us