Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Schriefer Style

Why does it always seem like you need a vacation after you come back from vacation? We decided to take the kids to the beach this past weekend and I feel more exhausted now that we are back! It seems like that's always the case. The kids are all rowdy and off schedule, it seems like it's going to take forever to get them back on track!

We took the weekend and went to my brothers house in Rehobeth Beach. The kids had a blast at the beach. It was much better then last year when we went. They hated every part of the beach but this year they were all about it, even Alanna loved it! I was so proud of Caden, he actually got in the water. Amy came along with us as an extra hand and it was nice to have the help with the kids. She even kept them Sunday evening so Leo and I could go on a date.
We went to this beautiful upscale Japeneese restaurant. Of course it was way over priced but the food was great and it was beautiful. We sat outdoors on the deck under these cabanas, that sat right on a pond. It was gorgeous. They were lit and there were fish swimming under us. After dinner we went to the boardwalk, walked the beach and played games in the arcade. I felt like a teen again. It was some much needed alone time!
Caden & Daddy in the water

Miss Alanna

My Love

Amy & I

Riding the rides at Playland

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Baby wearing <3

I love this pic

My brother and all of us



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