Thursday, August 26, 2010

More For The Duggars

I just read somewhere that even though their last pregnancy almost ended in tragedy, The Duggers are moving forward and wanting more children! ?! Really?! I can not imagine after everything they just went through with their last baby, even considering a 20th child. Not to mention it would be their 20th child! The woman is 43 with a grandchild. Give your uterus a rest for goodness sake! Why not focus your energy (what little you have left) on the remaining 18 that live at home right now, instead of having your older children raising the little ones. Personally I just don't see how it is fair to take their childhood away and give them the responsibility of another human life at 12 or 13. Not to mention, I feel that there is no way that she can give those children the attention that the deserve.

Now in some cases things happen, for example Jon & Kate.....they did not ask for 8 children, but it worked out that way. And Leo is part of a big family, which is wonderful. And I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with big families. I would love another child....if I were able to have one. What I am saying is , it is almost like they are having all of these children just for publicity and shock value. Don't get me wrong, I do think that they manage their home very well and from what is shown on TV, all of their children are very well behaved and respectful, but when is it enough. I would think almost loosing your life as well as your baby's life would be enough to not take anymore chances. But that's just my opinion. Three keeps me incredibly busy and crazy....I can't imagine 19!


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