Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness ; The Countdown to Thanksgiving Day 10

Today was pretty uneventful, other then the fact I spent a small fortune on baskets lol. Pinterest put me in the organization mood so I decided to clean.....which of course Leo was thrilled really he was thrilled. He loves when I clean and usually if I clean well he rewards me with letting me sleep in. lol I know that sounds funny but you have no idea what a few extra hours of sleep compared to an hour or two of cleaning can do. He's wonderful! It's the little things that make it work lol. Needless to say my house looks least the living room and kitchen....I'm too tired to do the rest, but the kids rooms, our room and the bathroom is on the agenda that I can move in the morning. :)

Anyway, on to my thankfulness.....Today I am thankful for my beautiful little monster Alanna Robin. Alanna is crazy...all of the time. She's really smart and I can't believe how grown she is already. She is talking in sentences and if I could just get her potty trained. hehehe kidding, sorta. Miss Alanna is so funny and she loves I'm not kidding....if we don't have poptarts ready for her in the morning you can cue the meltdown. She LOVES them! She also loves to color, play dress up and she loves monkeys. She's such a silly girl and my heart.

Photo's by Erin Dickson Photography.


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