Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

Christmas is fast approaching and the stress is coming on! We still have to decorate, finish shopping, and bake cookies and I haven't even started on one yet. I did, however, make an advent tree. Which I will say, was so hard. I though it looked easy enough when I started but after I got half way into it I was over it. My back and my finger tips were killing me. The good news is it turned out really cute, and the kids are loving it!

This is it with all of the ornaments added. An every day reminder that I still have so much to do before Christmas. I did get the kids pictures back from Sears. They look good. We got Christmas and Birthday pics (even though Caden's birthday was 9 mths ago and Alanna's was 6) ooops!

I think we are going to start Christmas shopping tomorrow and we are going to clean and organize the basement. Then pull out all of the Christmas decorations. I'm hoping once we are decorated, I will feel more in the Christmas spirit. I am also nervous about Alanna and Molly pulling things off of the tree. So we shall see. I hope we can get something done this weekend. I know this post was a whole lot of nothing ...sorry. There's not a whole lot of exciting things going on right now. More of a lack there of! Here's to a hopefully productive weekend! Wish me luck!

Here are the kids Christmas and Birthday pics:

Birthday Pics


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