Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today has been a quite successful day! This afternoon Leo and I went Christmas shopping and we finished Caden. We will do the girls in 2 weeks with his next pay, but I already feel some what of a relief. I also ordered my necklace "from Leo." even though I picked it out and i ordered it. But It's cute and I love it! Here it is Necklace . I hope it come before Christmas.

We also cleaned and organized our back room in the basement. When we moved in everyone just kind of threw it all in the back and we haven't bothered to touch it since. But since we had to get to our Christmas decorations, we decided it would be a good idea to go through it. So we got rid of a ton of stuff, then we moved into the kids play room. I wish I would have taken a before and after pic because you would not believe how disgusting it was. We got rid of 3 1/2 bags of toys to donate and 8 bags of trash from the basement. The kids also colored my walls with permanent maker, which I am so mad about. Let's just say I will be breaking the child labor laws on Monday because they will be scrubbing it off with magic erasers. I just hope it comes off, otherwise we will have to repaint. But the place looks nice now. I just hope they can keep it that least until after Christmas. *insert eye roll* 

Leo brought all of the Christmas decorations up and decorated too. I helped very little lol. I hate decorating, it's a pain. So our tree is up , the stockings are hung and the nativity scene is in the window, and I can finally breathe. We are just waiting for the kids to come home tomorrow to decorate the tree. I am starting to feel a little more in the Christmas spirit at last. I will post pics of the tree tomorrow (or today rather) when it's finished. Until then I am finally going to sleep. It has been a long , yet very productive day!


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