Wednesday, December 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge -Day 5

Day 5- Your Siblings
This is an old pic of my brother Ivan and me from my graduation

Let me hurry and post while it is still December 7th. Today is about my siblings. I'm not really sure what to say about them. My brother and I are 35 years apart. When I tell people everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. Obviously we didn't grow up together, but it was cool having a big brother who is so much older because I was spoiled by him. His name is Ivan , after my dad.

My sister Amber and Maddie , getting ready for my wedding

My sister's name is Amber. She is 5 years younger then me. Yes , I know. It's so weird. My dad being 87 and having kids with such an age difference. I guess it keeps him young. Anyway, Amber and I obviously were raised together and argued pretty much our entire childhood. But I guess that's normal. She has 2 little boys. Devin and Darron, and right now they are both 2 years old :) Nope, they're not twins, they're 11 months apart. Devin will be 3 on December 28th and Darron just turned 2 on Sunday. Let's just say they give Amber a run for her money!
This is all 5 grandkids from Easter, Thats Devin & Darron on the left.


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