Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving On!

I took today to contact everyone I needed to get the ball rolling for our move. I called a half dozen lawyers to try and get some legal advice about custody, I spoke with 1 who didn't really help all that much. But then spoke with a friend who is a lawyer and he was a little more helpful. Basically I contacted Madison & Caden's dad and told him that we are moving to PA. His response was before he gave permission he wanted a written statement that stating that I will pick up the kids and drop them off every weekend, since he doesn't have a car. Frankly, I find that a bit unreasonable. I can't predict the future and I am not being bound by something like that. So basically the lawyer said I didn't have to do anything and that it shouldn't be an issue. So I did gave him notice that we are moving and now pretty much I am in the clear! Score!

 I also spoke with the Realtor today. We have an appointment with him on Monday, I couldn't be more excited. Everyday more of my anxieties are going away and being replaced with excitement! We saw a house we loved on their website but when I spoke with him he said he thinks it's a bit farther then we want, and since I don't know much about the area, I'll take his word for it lol. But the cool thing is he told me to tell him what kind of house I want and they will buy it and remodel it, we also can pick the counters, tile and colors, so it's almost like having our own house built. They are actually investors who flip houses. It's pretty awesome and I can not wait to get out of here. The rental office said that I have to let them know 90 days in advance that I am not renewing my lease, so that means January 2nd!! I know, Next week! Everything is happening so fast but I am more now then ever ready for the change. I will still be making the drive down here on Wednesdays and Thursdays for dance, since everything is paid for but I prepared for it. I can't wait, I feel like all of my dreams are coming true! A wonderful husband, 3 great kids, and now my dream house!


Anonymous said...

Welcome (almost) to Pennsylavania! Hope you have a smooth, safe moving day, and end up with an awesome place to live!

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