Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where my money tree, and the real meaning of Christmas?

I spent the entire evening shopping till I dropped. I'm exhausted. My back hurts, my feet hurts, and I spent too much money! I hate that Christmas has become so commercialized. We spend a fortune on toys and clothes, for what? So the kids can play with them for 2 days and then either destroy them or forget about them? Pretty much. And yet I still do it. I wish there was a way to cut back, to let my kids have a great Christmas and still know the reason for the season, as they say.

I was hanging up a window decal of a nativity scene on the door, when Madison pointed to one of them and asked if that was Mary. I told her it was and my niece, who was standing there watching, asked me who Mary was. I couldn't believe it. It made me really sad that she had no idea about the birth of Jesus. So I took it as an opportunity to go get the children's bible and read her the story of Jesus. Just one more reason that we need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas. I think this Christmas eve we are going to reread the story and maybe watch The Nativity Story just as a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

On another note, I called a Realtor today and we were pre approved for financing for PA! We have a great interest rate and we can even get 3k back toward our down payment! I am super excited and we are going to start house hunting. I am also very very nervous about moving so far away. My parents are already moving so it's not like we are leaving them, and Leo's mom is in PA already, but it's just scary. I will have to give up baby sitting and although I know quite a few people up there, I am still leaving behind my friends. Honestly, it scares me. Even thinking about it makes my stomach drop. But I feel this is a great step for us and I am in prayer about this move, and so far things seem to be working out. So please keep us in your prayers during this whole process, that God will have His will in everything that we do, and to give me peace and guidance about this huge decision for our family.

" For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and He shall take over the running of the world, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. " -Isaiah 9:6


Brenda L said...

My work had a "family feud" game at the Christmas party this year. They sent around a questionnaire to get answers for their Christmas related questions. One of them was something like, "The person you think of when you think of Christmas is..." Of the 18 people that had replied when I saw the answers, 11 said "Santa Claus" in some form or another. Only 7 said "Jesus".

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