Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This and That

Christmas was wonderful, the kids got everything they wanted plus some. They have so many clothes (that I still have yet to put away.) I'm dreading it, if you must know. Putting away clothes is my least favorite chore. I plan to clean the kids room later today and put everything away. It's on my list.

The only thing Madison asked for this year was a doll house. So Leo put the house together in the basement and wrapped it down there so she would be surprised. She made it half way through her gifts and said in her sad voice. "I guess Santa didn't read my list." So i asked her what she mean't, and she said, "I love everything I got. but I really wanted a doll house, so I guess Santa didn't get my list." So of course we had to stop her and take her downstairs to open the house. She made me proud because she was still very appreciative even though she didn't get the one thing she wanted.

Leo bought me a beautiful white sapphire ring and a handmade hand stamped necklace with the kids birthstones and names printed on it. Overall it was a great day. We spent the day at my moms and the evening Leo's sister's house, then came home and went to bed at 8 and slept until 12 the next day! We definitely used the weekend to catch up on sleep!

Yesterday we went to PA to meet with the realitor, to talk about our moving options. Now Leo isn't 100% set on moving up there. I still want to move so bad, but who knows what will happen now. I'm still praying about it for God to have his will. So I'm not stressing too much. I'm just waiting on the email with a few houses to look at.

A few Christmas pics:

all of the grandkids


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