Sunday, November 28, 2010

My New Favorite Thing!

On Black Friday, Leo bought me a sewing machine for $50, which was suppose to be my Christmas gift. But Friday night while he was at work ,I got into because I just couldn't wait! I have never sewed before but I felt the need to teach myself. I will say now that I am OBSESSED! I have been sewing all weekend. I am fighting the urge right now because Leo is watching the Ravens game and I know if I interrupt while the game is on he will likely kill me!

Friday night I made a blanket, which turned out pretty well, considering I have never used a sewing machine. Last night I made a poncho for Alanna to wear in the car. Tonight I am going to make a baby sling for Alanna and/or Lexy and a coat for Molly. I know, I sound crazy for making a coat for my dog but poor Molly freezes and shakes when she goes outside! And at some point this week  am going to make Maddie and Caden Poncho's. I have also decided i am making everyone's gift this year, but I wont tell you what that is in case anyone reads this that is getting one! :)
The Blanket I made
Alanna's poncho

And My New Wreath I Just Bought (just adding it in here for fun)


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