Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well Hello!

Wow , I just had 3 paragraphs and bam, they're gone! AWESOME!

Anyway, It's been a few weeks since I have caught up on my blog. Not that I have many readers, if any. lol Not to much has been happening on the home front, other then Alanna is finally walking! She started about a week ago and has been on the go ever since! It's bittersweet for me, I am happy that my almost 17 mth old is finally walking but I am sad because she is my last and I wanted her to stay a baby for as long as possible. This is just one more step (literally) to being a toddler! :(

We decided to go to PA to visit my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving. I am actually really excited about it. It will be nice to see her (she is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours from us) and it will be nice to spend the holiday with family. My parents decided to go to WV for the holiday. I'm not so thrilled about it since they are packing up my child hood home (one that my dad has owned for 60 yrs) and moving 3 hours away from us. I am really upset about it if you couldn't tell. (insert temper tantrum here!)

I digress

Any who, the Lord has been moving dramatically in me and my family for the past week. I'm not saying God isn't always here but I have really felt his presence lately. More so then ever. I feel like he is calling me for something and I am not sure what yet.

It really when God lead me to this blog.... Angie's Blog. She has been such an incredible light for me and I have found myself longing for a relationship with the Lord like she has. I have started reading and doing a devotional, and boy has things really started to change. I will say I cry a lot more now (I have always cried a lot, but even more so now) I think God had just given me such a compassion for people. Of course, those of you who are believers you also know that with this renewal comes trials and man is it coming on right now. So I am asking if anyone out there reads my blog if you could just keep my family an I in your prayers that would be awesome! I am soo soo soo excited for what is what God has in store for my family.

I feel so thankful, maybe it has to do with Thanksgiving but whatever it is I feel amazing! I have made it a point to post on facebook everyday something I am thankful for. Someone mentioned how great it was to see me so thankful recently lol. But I just feel so blessed, for even just the small things.

Today I am thankful that I have such an amazing husband, who works so hard so that I can stay home with my 3 awesomely rotten kids. :)

And I leave you with this:

"For everything we know about God's word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That's an act of true freedom." Galatians 5:14 (MSG)



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