Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I came across this website while I was blog reading. It's such a great for women to connect and share. It's called  (in) Of course I got it from Bring the Rain . :) So I (in)courage you to check it out.

I feel like Martha Stewart lately. I have been cooking, and cleaning, and making crafts. now if i could just learn to sew then I would be set! I am really proud of myself for actually making real meals now. I am so sick of the same ol' junk over and over again. Monday I made chicken and rice soup, yesterday was chicken pockets, and today we are having pot roast! mmmmm I started it this morning and it smells sooooo good! I'm ready to eat it now.

I am so thankful that God answers prayers! Things have been quite stressful spiritually for for me lately. I asked on a previous post that if anyone reads my blog to keep me in your prayers while I deal with these trials. Of course I knew it was because I was actively seeking the Lord.

Sunday night was a tough night, I had a huge weight sitting on me which brought up a lot of emotions that I thought I had got over. Leo went to sleep and all I could do was cry. I sat in the hallway and cried and prayed and cried and prayed and finally pulled myself together to read my bible....then prayed some more. It was a long night. And well without going into details, yesterday was wonderful! Everything had changed and the weight was removed. And I believe the Lord used the song Lead Me by Sanctus Real,  speak to hearts. I really believe he is changing me day by day, and I am sooo grateful for that!

ETA: Today I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my loves!

And if you haven't heard the song Lead Me


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