Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Happy November!

Happy November! It's that time of year again when we all start thinking of the things we are thankful for. I've already seen some on facebook and blogs, and of course this one wont be any different since I also like to reflect of those things that I am grateful for.

This last week has been pretty crazy. in the wake of Hurricane Sandy that hit us on Monday and then Halloween following shortly after, it's been quite chaotic. This past weekend I spent a lot of time stalking Walmart for water and flashlights to prepare for this storm. I bought 15 gallons of water plus a case. I pulled out all of the candles I could find and put them on the counter, and I stocked my cabinets with junk food and we waited.....and waited...and waited. Then we finally went to bed. When we woke up the hurricane had passed and we were so lucky to still have our power and no damages.

So on November 1st I am thankful that we unlike so many still have our power, and we didn't get hit with any damages like with Irene. Also for those who risk their safety to get the power restored to all of those people who did lose power and are still without.

Yesterday was Halloween, we were unsure with all of the storm talk if we were still going to be able to trick or treat. The kids were out of school for Monday and Tuesday but luckily they went back just in time for the to have their annual parade and parties with their class. Although Alanna's is tomorrow since they were closed on Tuesday. The rain stopped and we were able to go trick or treating around the block before heading to church for our Halloween party. Overall it was a nice evening and the kids have more candy then anyone should be allowed, which I of course being such a good momma will have to eat so they don't eat too much candy !

Maddie is Merida from Brave

Caden is Spiderman

Alanna is Tinkerbell

The top pic is the kids and my nieces and the baby pumpkin is my adorable little god daughter Skyler

 And one more of Alanna (just because she's cute) waiting for Maddie and Caden at the parade:


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