Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to come!

I have mentioned before that my parents were moving to Delaware and I was not happy about them selling their home. Well my mom and I were talking about Leo and I buying it. I was apprehensive because when we tried to get a mortgage in PA in December we weren't quite where we needed to be. But on a whim I called the Realtor to see if we could get one here and we finally are able to buy our own home!!!! I am so excited! Even though I decided to call because of my moms house I don't think we are going to buy it because they are asking way to much! So the Realtor sent me a list of homes (which were 200 btw) and I narrowed it down to 35. So we start the journey tomorrow to finding our perfect home, because once we move this time that is it! haha.

On another note, I started back at the weight loss center. I am so mad at myself for putting so much weight back on,and I have my dance recital in May and I don't want to look like this on stage. My goal is to lose the 25 lbs I lost before plus another 10. Either way I am starting back on that path.

So all kinds of exciting stuff are coming in the next few months and I can't wait!!


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