Monday, September 20, 2010

We are back!

We are back from our cruise and it was FABULOUS! I am ready to go back. We left Saturday morning at 3:30am and made it to Florida about 9pm Saturday night! It was a looooong drive! Although it wasn't so bad because it was just the 2 of us. I couldn't imagine taking all the kids on a long drive like that! Anyway we checked in a hotel about 3 miles from the port...which turned out to work in our favor because they had $20 parking for the week and they shuttled you to the port, instead of the $15 a day I had originally thought we'd end up paying. After we checked in we got in the hotel pool and to my surprise it was a salt water pool! I had never been in one before and it was really weird, but nice.

Sunday morning we got up and were shuttled to the port. We were able to board early which was awesome, because they were already serving lunch on the ship when we got on! The food was fantastic! They had 4 different buffet lines and 3 buffets of desert PLUS a deli and pizza counter. it took us all afternoon to explore the entire ship. On Monday we docked in Freeport. We ended up paying waaaaay to much for a shore excursion to the beach and although the beach was beautiful I most definitely wouldn't pay for it again. I wasn't really impressed with the island itself, it was a bit run down, at least the part we were in. We went swimming in the ocean, which you could see the bottom in the crystal blue water. And a giant fish swam right behind Leo. He was a little freaked out but I thought it was hilarious. With the excursion we were able to get in the local pool at the hotel which was a fresh water had no chemicals but it was the most refreshing pool I had ever been in, and it was really, really nice. After that we decided to hit some of the shops and the people there were the craziest hagglers I had ever encountered, they were soooo pushy! But we got some pretty great deals...I also found out that everything is negotiable in the Bahamas.

Wednesday we went to Nassau and it was incredible! We opted for The Blue Lagoon for our shore excursion and it was worth every penny! It was about a 30 min boat ride from Nassau and we were on a private island that looked exactly how I would imagine paradise! White beaches , crystal clear water , hammocks attached to palm trees. Not to mention free food! haha We also got to spend some time with the dolphins which was really cool!

The rest of the trip was spent on the ship eating hahaha! I think I gained 10 lbs while there. The trip back was horrible! It felt like it took forever...that is when I vowed never to make that drive again!
Overall I LOVED my was so relaxing and it was great to just have time and reconnect with Leo.

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