Friday, January 11, 2013

Standing Up For What You Believe In

I met these people when I was 12 at The Sky is The Limit Theatre.  We became family, we grew up together, and as you can see they are still here through weddings and kids and everything in between. Without this theatre I would not have had so many wonderful memories, had my children , or even indirectly met my husband. Love you guys!
In the beginning of December it was announced that our community center was to be sold. This was all done backhandedly by our local councilman Kevin Kamenetz and put in the paper for all of us to find out. There was no community input and they didn't even contact any of the programs that are housed there. We have at least 10 programs that work out of the building, including an indoor soccer arena and a 650 person fully handicapped accessible theatre.

 I was raised in that theatre, I started when I was 12 and continued until I got pregnant with Alanna. Now Madison performs there. Out of it I have learned tolerance, acceptance and ultimately they are more ways then 1. haha. Madison and Caden were both practically born there and I was even performing when I was 4 mths pregnant with Alanna. Not only that Caden plays soccer there as well.

So once the word got out I hit the ground running. I refuse to allow the politicians to just come in and tear down our community....our home. I started a Facebook page Save The North Point Government Center to let our voices be heard. I've also sent a ton of emails which very few were responded to. As of now we are at over 800 Likes and we have a community meeting set up for tomorrow and a picket next week. We are not going down without a fight.

What I don't understand is how people can be so ignorant to everything going on. People are commenting about tearing it down. "There's nothing over there" "We are wasting our time" People are so blind to anything that does not directly effect their own little bubbles, their own little world. It's pathetic  People are willing to just roll over and allow the government officials to come in to our community and do whatever it is they want to do. How can people just accept it? This is our community, our families, our lives, and I am not about to allow some well paid money hungry politician to come into our community which they consider the "dumping ground" of Baltimore County and just tear apart our community. We have so many vacant stores in this area and this is just going to end up another vacant building to add to it, but the problem is now our children will be the ones left without all of the activities.


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