Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthquakes, Floods & Hurricanes....Oh MY!

Tuesday we experienced our first earthquake,or the first one that I can remember. We live in Baltimore, we never have extreme least until this week.

We were at the park when the earthquake happened. Just sitting under a pavilion with a friend talking while the kids played, and the whole pavilion started shaking. I thought it was the wind and when my friend said she thought it was an earthquake, my response was....."We don't have earthquakes in Baltimore." lol Little did I know. Of course the first thing I did was check facebook, and every single persons status said "Eathquake!" I honestly thought it was pretty cool but I'm glad we don't get them often. I'm sure people from the west coast thought all of us east coast folks were crazy, whining over a tremor like that, but in all fairness it was our first one.

Now here we sit a few days later waiting to be smashed by Hurricane Irene. It's suppose to start...well... NOW, but the wind is hardly blowing. It has been raining all day though. I'm ready for her, I went shopping 2 days ago for the essentials and I'm glad I did because as of yesterday afternoon all of the stores were empty! Of course, Leo has been making fun of me because I bought gallons of water and was on the hunt for batteries. If he keeps it up I wont let him hold the flashlight!

Everyone was sold out of batteries and flashlights except for a local drug store and they wanted FIVE DOLLARS for a pack of 2!! FIVE DOLLARS!!! That's just insane. Way to capitalize on a natural disaster! But thankfully Walmart got a shipment of flashlights in so I was able to get a pack of 2 flashlights with 4 D batteries for $3....well 2 packs lol. When I went in there were a huge pallet of about 40 boxes...when I left an hour later there were only 7 boxes left and the managers were handing them out. It was nuts! I'm anxious, but not too worried about it. I figured it's always better to be safe then sorry.

As for a place that hardly ever gets hit by a natural disaster, we are sure taking a beating....all in one week.


MissLauri said...

I'm glad everything was okay with all the natural disaster nonsense! Many people in Michigan felt the Earthquake too! How crazy!!

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