Monday, July 18, 2011

Quiet Kids = Huge messes!

Starting the last week of June every Summer, I work at a performing arts summer camp. That means daddy gets to get up with the kids and do all of the fun day to day least until the first week of August. Then we are back on schedule. He is lucky this year though because Maddie is coming to summer camp. Which by the way she LOVES. She has always been a diva, and she really gets to show that here. It's a great outlet for her and she is doing such a great job. We are doing The Rockin' Tale of Snow White and Madison is Molly , a lady in waiting. She's adorable because she is the smallest on stage and she tries so hard to do everything the big kids are doing. But she loves it.

So anyway, Leo has been home with Caden and Alanna everyday and to say his hands are full is an understatement hahaha. The other day I get a phone call saying "Your son is is so much trouble, he punished forever"  Apparently Alanna spilled something in the kitchen, and while he was cleaning up her mess, Caden sneaked into the bathroom with a giant permanent marker and decided to decorate. While Caden was coloring in the bathroom, Alanna was upstairs playing in dog poo.  So Leo had to give Alanna a bath to get the poo out of her hair ,while trying to figure out how to get marker off of everything. Needless to say he was not a happy camper (no pun intended) when I got home from work hehe. And I ended up using straight bleach and magic eraser to remove the marker off of everything.

It just goes to show, you can't turn your back on the kids for a second. Otherwise you are in for a mess to clean up!


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