Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Tragic Day For Our Country

My heart is heavy tonight. As I tucked in my babies tonight, I gave them an extra kiss and hug and thanked God for blessing me with 3 beautiful angels.

Earlier today I sat waiting with the rest of the country for the unbelievable verdict to be read for Casey Anthony. I am sure everyone else had the same reaction as I when they read NOT GUILTY, I was so sick to my stomach. I thought for sure the case was cut and dry, never in a million years did I suspect this outcome. What has our justice system become? WHO in their right minds would even think she is not guilty. What is wrong with those 12 jurors? What a complete failure! Justice was not served today! And this is just a message out there to people that you can get away with murder. I'm shocked and appalled and completely broken hearted for that beautiful baby.

The only thing I can think of is that poor little angel and what she must have gone through at the hands of her own mother.You know she was the same age of  Alanna? How could anyone do such a horrific thing? I  know she is resting with Jesus and safe in his arms. And I know it's not very Christian like  but I hope that Casey gets whats coming to her.

So tonight I am leaving my porch lights on for that beautiful baby and thanking God for my 3 blessings. Rest in Peace beautiful girl! The whole world is thinking about you!


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