Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Twas the day after Christmas and the house is a wreck. Not a creature was stirring except for the kids....which decided it would be a great idea to wake up before me and Leo and open every single gift under the tree and throw the boxes and paper everywhere. Which of course when I woke up was less then pleased. After deciding that I was not cleaning today because it was snowy and dreary and I wanted to be lazy, I went back to bed leaving Leo to deal with the kids and the mess.

Well that was just the beginning.

 Once Leo left for work I made the kids go clean their rooms to make room for all of their new stuff, while I ordered pizza. Once the pizza got here I went to get money from my wallet only to realize I was missing $30. Once we all finished our pizza I went up to the kids rooms to inspect and help set us some of their new things and the dogs jumped on the table and ate an entire pizza. Awesome. Since they ate all of my pizza, I let them out and they decided it would be fun to take off and tour the the the rain. So I had to chase them through the neighborhood, at least this time I had shoes on. Once I finally caught Molly I had to carry her 25 lb butt back home and my head is pounding. Skip forward a few hours, the kids are sleeping in the basement and I hear a crash. I go downstairs to see my basement window laying on the floor, which of course scared me to death and I called 911. The police came out and looked around, they said that the dogs barking may have scared them off if someone was out there. Once I calmed down my headache became worse and as I was getting some migraine meds I stepped on a thumb tack. Seriously? I think it's time for me to go to bed!


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