Friday, June 22, 2012

Sensory Fail...

I was planning on waiting until the kids got home to do some of the cool sensory activities that I saw on this really cool blog Happy Homemaker Me ,  but I was so excited to let Alanna play with some of the stuff I bought, that I decided to let her dive in. So after a long day in the pool I thought it would be fun to play with some shaving cream. 

I filled a tub with shaving cream and added just a few drops of  food coloring just for fun

Although she is smiling she didn't like it much. It took me about 5 minutes to talk her into putting her hands into it and then after about 2 minutes she was over it and wanted to wash her hands. She kept telling me she was a mess and needed a paper towel. So we ended up cleaning it up rather quickly. I guess I had more fun playing in the shaving cream then she did. Oh well, I know Madison and Caden will love this, they love making messes. I will have to pull this back out next week when they get home. I guess we will just stick to the colored rice (which I will post about once I finish it, it's drying right now)

Now we're cuddled on the couch watching Toy Story 2, it's so quiet around here without the big kids around.


Bethany said...

Lol! Aww, poor Alanna. Shaving cream isn't for everyone :) Maybe when Madison and Caden try it, they'll be able to win her over. If not, the ziplock bag can do the trick! That's the only way I can let Kayleigh do is since she's only 8 months old and still wants to eat everything. Thanks for giving it a try, though! :)


♥ Bethany

Michelle said...

I may try that. I think when the big kids get home and dig in she will be more excited about it. Although I may try the bag.

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